Yinping Wang


Xue Wenye

Mr. Yinping Wang was re-appointed to the Board of Directors for Western Resources Corp. in April 2017.

Mr. Wang has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Board of Shenyang Zhiying Pharmaceutical at China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited since January 1, 2015. Mr. Wang served as Vice President and Member of the Party Committee at Sinochem Group. Mr. Wang served as a Deputy Manager of Sinochem Corporation. Previously, Mr. Wang served as Vice President at Sinochem Corporation since November 1998. Mr. Wang is very experienced in corporate management. He joined Sinochem Import and Export Corporation (now known as China Sinochem Group Corporation (Sinochem Group)) in 1987. Mr. Wang serves as Director of Sinochem Corporation, in charge of Engineering Management Department, China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust & Investment Company, Sinochem International Information Co. and Fund Management Company.

Mr. Wang holds bachelor’s degree in law in 1985 from the Department of Law of China Renmin University and later received an EMBA from China Europe International Business School in 2004.