Company Overview

Western Resources Corp. is a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol 'WRX'. It is also traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol of WR0.

Western Resources Corp. was created for the purpose of diversifying the company assets through a Plan of Arrangement with Western Potash Corp., the latter focused on developing a Potash Project named 'Milestone' near Regina, Saskatchewan. With the corporate reorganization completed in March 2017, Western Potash corp. has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp.

Milestone continues to remain the key asset of Western Resources Corp. The Milestone Phase I Project is designed to produce 146,000 tpy of potash using innovative selective solution mining techniques and crystallization ponds. The Milestone Phase I engineering was completed in December 2016 by experienced engineering firms and the site is ready for construction to begin. Once the Milestone Phase I Project proves to be successful, it could revolutionize the way potash is extracted in Canada, and Globally.

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Western Resources Corp. has a vision of being the gateway to Eastern Capital & Global Markets and is dedicated to becoming a reputable vehicle for resources acquisition and investment in North America & Asia. With this vision in mind, Western Resources Corp. is pursuing investment opportunities in other resource properties that may contain metals or minerals other than potash and in jurisdictions that may be outside of Saskatchewan. The Company will also explore alternative value enhancing opportunities for those resource properties, such as joint ventures, spin-offs or business combinations.

The future proposed business structure of Western Resources can be seen below.

To achieve its vision, Western Resources Corp. has adopted a ten-year strategic development plan as below:

2017: complete Western Resources Corp.'s plan of arrangement, build WRX' North-America and Asia teams, determine the Company's model of revenue and core business, establish pathways to feasible projects and financings, strive to achieve one investment/acquisition project by the year end.

2018-2022: become one of the industry's leading firms, with high quality project pipelines and financing pathways, accomplish 2-3 investments or acquisitions per year, achieve successful exits from 50% of the completed projects within 5 years.

2023-2027: Western Resources Corp. develops into a reputable vehicle for resource investment and acquisition in North America and Asia.