China Development Bank Visits Western Potash Corp.

China Development Bank’s (CDB) Canada Program Work Team paid a visit to Western Potash Corp on December 16th, 2016. The delegation was headed by team leader Mr, Geng Tiejun, and included Ms. Ji Xiaoyu, Division Chief of CDB and Ms, Xin Miao. President of Western Potash Corp Mr. Bill Xue welcomed the CDB work group and presented to the group on the status of the Company, with a focus on the development of Western’s 2.8 million capacity potash project, as well as, progress of its 150,000 tons of capacity pilot project. The two parties held a very constructive discussion on future project cooperation.

The CDB work group were greatly impressed with Western Potash Corp and the advantages of its Milestone Project, including the world-class resources, excellent location, unparalleled shareholder structure and management team, its access to financings and innovative technologies. CDB expressed its willingness to provide ample support to the development of the project.

Representatives from Western Potash Corp. in attendance included Mr. George Gao, Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Matthew Wood, Project Director and Mr. Arthur Ma, Vice President.