Company Updates


On December 5, 2017, the management of Western Potash Corp. (the Company) met with elected representatives of the Government of Saskatchewan in the province’s Legislative Building to provide an update on the Milestone Project. Present at the meeting were the Honorable Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan, the Honorable Nancy Heppner, Minister of Energy and Resources, the Honorable Steven Bonk, Minister of the Economy as well as other government officials. Attending from Western Potash Corp. was Bill Xue, George Gao, Arthur Ma, Matthew Wood, Jerry Zhang and Greg Vogelsang, with Honorable James Moore, Chairman of Western Potash’s parent company, Western Resources Corp, attending via telephone.


Western Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Western Potash Corp., held a Community Open House in Kronau, Saskatchewan on April 11, 2017. The event was well attended with nearly 80 visitors from the surrounding communities, as well as representatives from the Provincial government and local businesses. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended, particularly for their questions, feedback and support as we move the project forward.


Western’s Chief Administrative Officer, George Gao, presented at the China Mining Investment Symposium on March 6th, 2017 in Toronto during the Prospectors and Developers Conference.


Western Potash Corp. is pleased to announce that the Company has signed the Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with China BlueChemical Ltd.


China CAMCE Engineering Co., Ltd Chairman & President, Ms. Luo Yan paid a visit to Western Potash Corp. on Jan 9th, 2017.Western Potash Corp.’s President, Bill Xue met with the CAMCE delegation and presented the status of the Company status, with a focus on the development of 2.8 million MOP Project as well as the progress of 150,000 tons capacity Milestone Pilot Potash project.