George Gao


George Gao


George Gao was appointed as Director of Western Resources Corp. in March 2021. He was also appointed as Chair of the Corporate Disclosure Policy Committee and Member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Gao is currently Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance of Western Resources Corp. Prior to this, Mr. Gao served as Chief Administrative Officer and CFO of Western Resources Corp., and CEOt of Western Potash Corp.

Before Joining the Company, Mr. Gao was President of the Beijing Mining Exchange (“BMX”) and was responsible for its overall strategy and operations. Mr. Gao has also worked as the Head of Business Development, Asia for the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”)  before moving onto becoming the Chief Representative out of the TSX Beijing office. His time with the TSX and BMX brought him years of experience in leadership, business development, and strategic decision making.  His depth of experience and skill set will greatly help the Company moving forward.

Mr. Gao obtained his MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.