Jerry Zhang

Jerry Zhang, Director of Administration

Jerry Zhang

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Zhang was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer of Western Resources Corp. in October 2020. He is currently also member of the Company’s Executive Committee, and Senior Vice President of Western Potash Corp.

Mr. Zhang took up the position of Corporate Secretary of Western Potash Corp. in September 2016, and following the completion of Western Potash Corp.'s Plan of Arrangement in April 2017, this position was transferred to Western Resources Corp. where he served until March 2022.

Mr. Zhang has been with Western Potash Corp. since 2011. He has both an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the Company’s projects. He brings extensive experience in administration management with both government organizations and private enterprises. He is bilingual and is a good asset to the company.

Mr. Zhang holds a Master of International Communications degree from Macquarie University, Australia, and a PhD degree in International Relations from the University of Melbourne.