Western Potash Corp. Reports Results from the Sixth and Seventh Exploration Wells on the Russell-Miniota Property

Western Potash Corp. Reports Results from the Sixth and Seventh Exploration Wells on the Russell-Miniota Property

Western Potash Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: WPX, FSE: AHE)   is pleased to announce that it has received results from its sixth and seventh potash exploration wells drilled in the southern portion of permit QP-168 and in permit QP-172 located to the south and contiguous with QP-168, the “Miniota area”, in south-western Manitoba, as part of the expanded Phase I drill program announced in a press release dated October 22, 2008.  These Permits cover over 1,000 square kilometers, are adjacent to BHP Billiton’s Potash Lease and Agrium’s Exploration Permits along the Manitoba border. All drill intercepts noted in this release can be considered the true thickness of the mineralization, as the salt beds are flat lying and the holes were drilled vertically.

Both wells intersected the Esterhazy member, the potash formation being exploited at the Rocanville mine located 30km to the north-east.  These wells targeted potash sequences identified from the Company’s 2008 2D seismic program completed in August, as well as, from extensive historical data acquired by the company in anticipation of the granting of the permit. The best interval reported was from well Russell-Miniota-007, where potash was intersected from 975.2m to 976.4m (1.2m) returning 32.0 wt% K2O.  A summary of the results from the two holes is presented in table 1. A detailed summary of the analytical results from these holes are shown in Table 2.

Table 1: Well Summaries


From (m) To (m) Interval (m) Grade (wt%)  


1015.6 1018.9 3.3 21.11  


973.7 976.7 3.0 26.03  

These results represent some of the best grade intersections obtained by the Company from the property to date, and compare favorably with historic drilling in the area, which intersected potash mineralized zones with grades up to 19.4% K2O over 2.94m.  The Company is pleased with these results, as the geological setting and mineralization are consistent with characteristics of other potash deposits in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The company is further encouraged as the distance between these holes of 7.5 Km in conjunction with the interpreted seismic data indicate the potential presence of a sizable potash resource.The company is continuing with its Phase I drill program within the southern portion of QP-168, and the recently acquired QP-172 potash permits, having recently completed its eighth well and currently moving the drill to the ninth location, testing the western extents of the property. Results from these wells will be reported as they are received.

Table 2: Analytical Results

Well ID FROM (m) TO (m) Wt % K2O  Wt % MGO  % H2O INSOL.
Russell-Miniota-006 1015.3 1015.6 6.91 0.03 6.7
Russell-Miniota-006 1015.6 1015.9 20.5 0.03 7
Russell-Miniota-006 1015.9 1016.2 32.8 0.03 4.2
Russell-Miniota-006 1016.2 1016.5 13.2 0.04 5.8
Russell-Miniota-006 1016.5 1016.8 15.3 0.03 3.6
Russell-Miniota-006 1016.8 1017.1 16.5 0.01 0.8
Russell-Miniota-006 1017.1 1017.4 31.8 0.01 0.7
Russell-Miniota-006 1017.4 1017.7 22.7 0.01 0.8
Russell-Miniota-006 1017.7 1018 16.4 0.02 1
Russell-Miniota-006 1018 1018.3 20 0.03 1.6
Russell-Miniota-006 1018.3 1018.6 20.4 0.03 1.9
Russell-Miniota-006 1018.6 1018.9 22.6 0.03 3.1
Russell-Miniota-006 1018.9 1019.2 11.1 0.04 3.2
Russell-Miniota-007 972.2 972.5 5.62 1.69 6
Russell-Miniota-007 972.5 972.8 8.22 1.92 8.2
Russell-Miniota-007 972.8 973.1 12.8 1.96 4.6
Russell-Miniota-007 973.1 973.4 23.9 1.58 3
Russell-Miniota-007 973.4 973.7 10.1 1.39 5.8
Russell-Miniota-007 973.7 974 14.5 1.4 2.2
Russell-Miniota-007 974 974.3 27 1.75 0.8
Russell-Miniota-007 974.3 974.6 32 1.58 0.8
Russell-Miniota-007 974.6 974.9 23.4 1.83 0.5
Russell-Miniota-007 974.9 975.2 19.1 1.09 1
Russell-Miniota-007 975.2 975.5 34.4 1.26 1.4
Russell-Miniota-007 975.5 975.8 31.7 1.07 1.8
Russell-Miniota-007 975.8 976.1 32 0.72 2
Russell-Miniota-007 976.1 976.4 29.9 1.35 0.9
Russell-Miniota-007 976.4 976.7 16.3 1.17 0.8

Note: Table 2 reports all K2O assays above 5% cut-off. The MgO% is shown as an indicator of Carnallite. The core recovered from these holes was logged, photographed, split, and sampled at the Company’s secure core storage facility on the property.  All samples were handled in accordance with the Company’s Chain of Custody procedures.  The half-split core samples from the wells were analyzed at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) Laboratory in Saskatoon.  The Laboratory has been certified by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (CAN-P-4E).

Western Potash Corp. is a mineral exploration company engaged in the evaluation, exploration and development of potash mineral properties in Western Canada. The Company intends to define and develop a world-class potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner.The in-house qualified persons for the purposes of NI 43-101 guidelines are J. Patricio Varas, P. Geo and Dean Pekeski, P. Geo, both of whom have reviewed and approved the contents of this news release.


J. Patricio Varas
President and CEO

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This news release contains Forward Looking Statements regarding our intentions and plans. Various factors may prevent or delay our plans, including but not limited to, contractor availability and performance, weather, access, mineral prices and success and failure of the exploration and development carried out at various stages of the program. Readers should review risk factors applicable to junior mining exploration companies generally to understand the variety of risks that can affect the Company.