Western Gardens


Western Garden Properties (WGP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp. Since its inception in April 2017, Western Garden Properties has grown and expanded steadily in real estate investments in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) focusing in two main sectors: Equity Investment and Capital Lending. 

WGP's main business structure as below:


Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment consists of Partnership Investment and Acquisitions. At this stage, WGP will primarily focus on Partnership Investment with experienced and well-recognised developers within the medium size range. WGP has signed Term Sheets with well-recognized developers, and will expand its businesses with more developers in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Capital Lending

Implementing Mortgage Loan is considered as an auxiliary function for WGP investment. Majority of loans will be deployed to Western-related projects for bridge fund purpose. WGP will also consider external mortgage lending when the condition fits WGP’s parameters, which are included but not limited to:

  • Primary / Secondary mortgage secured by land, residential or commercial properties
  • Short to medium loan period, not exceeding 2 years
  • Personal Guarantee from related shareholders
  • Interest rate no less than CWB Prime + 3%
  • No set-up fee/ commitment fee


Land Development

WGP aims to start its own development in the future. Details to be released when decision is confirmed.